Featured Review

Featured Review

"I didn't know (or like) the person I became while trying to conceive and it was very unsettling. Through coaching sessions with Sarah I was able to find space and ground myself through breathing, visualizing and positive thought processes that helped me through the cloud of anxiety. It also changed my perception of what "therapy" is and to be quite honest, this kind is FUN!"

- Darcie B.

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"A wonderful workshop for fostering (or rekindling) connection with your partner! Yoga, massage, and music all came together to make a seamless experience!" {Couples Connection workshop}

- S. Stevens

"I would highly recommend [Preparing for Birth: Mind, Body and Spirit] to anyone preparing for birth. Tisha presents such valuable information in an empowering and reassuring way, which gave me and my partner both the confidence and skills to enter into this journey with less fear and more excitement!

- Hope I.

"Sarah really helped me as I was struggling with anxiety and OCD during my pregnancy. She taught me a variety of "tools" to use for when I am having trouble. They really helped me get through my pregnancy and I continue to use them now, as a mom of a newborn. I'm so thankful for Sarah and the whole experience!"

- Kerri

"All expecting mothers and dads need to take this class. It is so helpful and I feel more prepared to start the breastfeeding adventure with my baby!" {Breastfeeding Basics}

- Heather D.

"All couples from newlyweds to going on 30 years could benefit from [Couples Connection ] workshop. The instructors were very relatable and the information and activities pertain to real life expectancies. No fluff here!."

- Trish

"I started working with Sarah after many months (and many methods) of trying to conceive with PCOS. I was feeling frustrated and hopeless. During my time working with Sarah, COVID-19 happened, canceling my fertility treatment and leaving me feeling even more despair. Sarah worked with me throughout this time giving me numerous strategies to process the complicated emotions I was feeling. On week 5 of working with her, I found out I was pregnant! Even before finding out I was pregnant, I felt this experience was invaluable. I now feel empowered, I trust myself and my body, and I have gained skills that have improved all aspects of my life. I can't recommend this coaching enough, it has truly changed my life in more ways than one."

- Marissa

"Sarah is phenomenal. She is caring, supportive, an attentive listener, and welcomes you as you are. She provides a calming environment which helped me feel safe to share my inner fears and worries regarding pregnancy and how it impacts my life. Sarah has helped me live my life with more intention and working with her has helped me create a vision for my pregnancy, delivery, and post-partum stages."

- Emily

"I can't recommend this workshop enough! The material presented will give you what you need to put your birth plan together and get your head around the birthing process." {Preparing for Birth: Mind, Body & Spirit}

- Elise P.

"I recently loss my twin girls and have been dealing with a lot of grief and stress lately. I met with Sarah and she had such a warm, compassionate aura about her. She allowed me to open up and share my story and I felt very comfortable with her. It was nice to know that someone else could relate to some of my experiences. She was very patient and took the time to explain reiki and the different chakras to me. After the reiki session I felt very relaxed and at peace. The energy is so calming, I felt almost as if I just did an hour of meditating! I highly recommend healing and coaching sessions with Sarah. You will not be disappointed!"

- AR

"Tisha is a fantastic teacher. She makes the class fun and interesting. I feel more prepared for the birth of my baby. I feel less nervous, more confident and informed." {Preparing for Birth: Mind, Body & Spirit}

- Heather D.

"Sarah has been such an integral part of my most recent spiritual growth. She has a beautiful way of holding space that is so gentle and non-judgmental. Her knowledge and intuition have been exactly what I needed to guide me on this journey."

- DH

"I am so happy that I met with Sarah for coaching! She reminded me of the importance of just stop, breath, and relax. Our sessions were very insightful, thought-provoking and inspiring. Not only that, Sarah is a great listener and is truly a genuine and kind person. I would say the greatest take-away was revisiting my life desires which ignited a spark for growth and future self-discovery. Sarah - thank you so much for offering a place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. I look forward to seeing you again soon!"

- AB

"Sarah helped me formulate a complete destination vibration that I review daily that I know will help me get through a tough situation. Shehas also helped me to recognize situations where I can change my reactions to things to reduce my stress!"

- LZ

"Sarah helped me discover that things I want can and will happen if I believe."

- Trista

"My time with Sarah gave me the chance to uncover old stories that were getting in my way to feeling more successful and have more clarity about the things that make me feel fulfilled and satisfied with my life. She is compassionate, insightful and able to be the objective voice that gave me a space to explore and test new ways of looking at life."

- Zaidee B.

"Within 8 weeks of coaching, I now have an arsenal of tools that help me regulate the ups and downs of life. I can't describe how life changing that is."

- Happy Client :)