A hub of alternative fertility and pregnancy resources and expertise.

Invoking empowerment in women and couples who are currently pregnant, working through loss, or trying to conceive by making it simple to find the best resources, classes, workshops and services to support your family-building journey.

Offerings are available both virtually as well as in-person, creating connection and community across the globe.


We believe you have the innate power to create whatever you desire and are here to help you achieve those dreams. You may have an idea what your’e looking for or not a clue where to start - that’s okay! Explore by visiting our featured offerings or follow the Healing, Conceiving or Pregnancy path below.






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One of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself.

We will shine light on your innate power: to nurture, heal, grow, conceive, carry to term, give birth to healthy babies…

Whatever it is you dream of, you have the power to create it, and inner alignment coaching will put you on the fast-track to manifesting those dreams.

  • Gain self-understanding and compassion

  • Learn more about how energy/the universe works

  • Free up space by “allowing” what you normally “resist”; create room for more of what you desire to come flooding in

  • Understand how to have more of what you want and less of what you don’t want in life

  • Gain tools, resources and a community of support

  • Begin a brief ‘daily practice’ which will inevitably seep into every aspect of your life, creating more love, peace, truth and joy

No, this isn’t a cheesy holiday commercial, I promise. You will learn real, simple, life-altering practices that you can utilize anywhere.

You are creating and manifesting all the time, with intent or not; let’s get you on the path of creating what you truly desire.

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Healing | Conceiving | Pregnancy

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Healing | Conceiving | Pregnancy


KindNest is a hub of pregnancy and fertility resources and expertise. Real people with experience and know-how who believe in the power of connection to self and community, we’re passionate about nurturing your hopes and dreams, offering a hand when you stumble, and tapping into and celebrating your innate wisdom.

KindNest has several offerings that are available virtually; take part from the comfort of your home or other location of your choosing. Additionally, we will be opening a physical location at 1 Rosell Drive, Ballston Lake, NY early in 2019. Work is under way to prepare this intimate setting where women and couples can nourish their minds, bodies and spirits while trying to conceive, healing from pregnancy loss, and nurturing pregnancy. See our Offerings for what’s enrolling now or to sign up to be notified as more options are scheduled.

Whether virtually or in person, we are grateful to be part of your journey. Heal. Renew. Nurture. Celebrate. With KindNest.



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