For parents who have experienced pregnancy loss, whether recent or years in the past...

As much as birth and marriage are honored, so too should death be. Honoring a pregnancy loss through a ceremony can be deeply healing. A ritual is the simple act of observing the loss in some way that honors the experience, validates feelings, and acknowledges the brief life and loss of a baby.

What parents experience through loss deserves sacred honor. Couples can engage in ceremony to feel a deeper connection to their baby and the universe, so that healing at the core of the soul can take place.

Make your MoonWish at this potent time for fresh starts and new beginnings!
Learn how to use the "Manifesting Current" of the chakras to increase the probability that your wishes and prayers will come true!

This New Moon Meditation is specifically scheduled to coincide with the new lunar cycle, the most auspicious time for fresh starts and new beginnings. Join Nini to learn how to consciously create changes in yourself and the world. Help bring peace to our planet, abundance to your community and more love and light into your life. Bring your journal and a friend! All are welcome.

Couples Connection Workshop

Are you ready for deeper connection?

A nourishing and passionate relationship is one of life’s greatest gifts. Join Jeanette and Scott Fultz for an afternoon of relaxing & playful experiences, geared towards deepening your connection to your partner. Unplug from the stress of your daily activities and nourish each other in both simple and profound ways, finding greater ease and balance in your relationship off the mat.

We will explore:

  • Couples Yoga
  • Couples Breathing & Meditation
  • Couples Massage
  • Couples Active Listening and Sharing