Reiki brings all of our systems into alignment easily, gently and efficiently. This promotes deep relaxation and restoration to the mind, body, heart and soul.

This is healing technique based on the principle of channeling energy with the intention of activating the natural healing process. Reiki can assist in restoring physical and emotional well-being while allowing for a deep sense of peace. Reiki:

  • Relaxes, reducing stress and anxiety

  • Helps ease emotional & physical pain

  • Accelerates your body’s natural ability to heal itself

  • Rejuvenates your spirit to connect with your inner truth

  • Accentuates other medical & alternative therapies

  • Promotes personal & spiritual growth

  • Is safe, natural, and non-invasive

Reiki can be done in person or through distance sessions.

Sarah is a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Click below to schedule an appointment today!


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