Move through and beyond loss with a warm, open yoga and meditation practice that opens the heart, calms the mind and provides a safe place for feelings to emerge.

Head into the weekend with intention by inviting clarity, balance and peace.

Conclude your week mindfully by refocusing your body and mind for inner balance and harmony in this guided meditation class suitable for anyone simply looking for more balance and harmony in life.

4-session series or Drop-in (75 minute each)
This class is intended for couples.
Please note: Both members of the couple must register individually.

Connect with one another and and empower yourself at any stage of your relationship or along fertility, pregnancy, or healing journey. Immerse yourself in mythology from the Hindu Tradition. By tapping into the wisdom of the Shiva/Shakti relationship and lore you can develop an awareness of your own innate wisdom that supports your emotional wellbeing and physical health.

Zaidee will tell different God and Goddess stories and weave them in through the asana as appropriate. There will be no "partner poses," but you will learn partner assists that enhance the experience of the poses as well as help create connection with another.

All levels of skill and physical capabilities are welcome. The only requirement is that you are able to get up and down from the floor without pain and relative ease.

This class is 75 minutes. For drop-ins, registration is required 90 minutes before class start time.

This class combines meditation with yoga to achieve well-being, healing and inner balance. Soften and release your worries with focused attention and compassion. Suitable for anyone simply looking for more balance in their life.